Project Description

This short promotional video was produced for an annual hot-air balloon festival in Segovia. Over a span of two months, me and my team worked with hot-air balloon company "Siempre en las Nubes", from concept development to production. The event, organized with support of the city hall, and revolved around the city's landscape value. The challenge was to blend landmarks, balloons and information on a short video that could promote the festival on social media - all with limited production resources.

Our team of six students at IEU's Communication Lab filmed balloon flights on many occasions. The company could only notify us one or two days before flights, which would leave around 7:00 AM. Each time we went out to film, we distributed available team members around planned locations around the city.

With so much resulting footage, we brought it down to the best shots during the post-production process. Additionally, we used music, editing and sound design to improve storytelling and audiovisual narrative. Finally, we integrated snippets of text with key information about the initiative, so audiences could quickly understand the message, even in a rush or without sound.

The amazing drone footage is the work of talented videographer Egor Kas, my partner in crime for this project.

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Siempre en las Nubes

Project Date

April 21, 2018