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Project Description

Orderly is a young startup providing worry-free cleaning services for international students. The project relies on an online interface, calendar tools, and direct consumer support in English. With these elements, founder Dorian Ranger aims to provide an easy, friendly, and efficient way to make your apartment shine.

When Dorian got in touch and explained his concept, he asked for a brand and a visual identity that could convey Orderly's approachable yet professional character. I jumped into the project, and worked with him through the branding process, still adjusting to a short deadline. Indeed, starting a business brings tight schedules, but after a short couple of weeks, we found ourselves polishing the concept.

Orderly's combination of dark and light blues allows it to be trustworthy, and still dynamic. Similarly, the chosen typography (Proxima Bold) keeps a balance between solidity and friendly curves. Last but not least, we went for a funny spray icon that fits directly into the wordmark.

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Dorian Ranger

Project Date

December 12, 2017