Project Description

By the time we started our sophomore year, my good colleague Giulia Camargo and I were getting a lot of requests to help other students with the communications in their projects. Eager to put our skills to the test, we went ahead and decided to take a leap. We just... created our own agency and became a kick-ass creative duo: 7 Picos.

Launching a small communications agency taught us a lot of valuable knowledge, really fast. From the entrepreneur side of building a brand, to learning the ins and outs of working with clients or pricing our work, we got tons of first-hand experience on different creative disciplines. Moreover, as students, we were able to use our work to test and apply our in-class learnings on the go - empowering us to much better understand concepts or dynamics.

Collective power works.

For instance, we naturally started working as a creative duo before learning how copywriting - art direction teams fit together. It's like working in tandem: one writes the web content, the other lays out the design. One writes the script and plans the shoot, the other creates stunning imagery. Indeed, there is a reason for creative duos: when you need to produce original results under pressure, working side by side with someone that shares your goals and vision streamlines all efforts. In short, collective power works.

Named after our favorite Segovian mountains, 7 Picos helped both students and small businesses for a whole year. In October 2018, we decided to close this fun chapter of our careers and focus on other opportunities. Now we don't host a website anymore, but, if you are curious, 7 Picos' legacy lives on, safe in the original Wix workspace.

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Project Date

October 20, 2017