The Beach in Segovia

A surprisingly warm evening in late March. Water, food, friends and some blankets. A stunning sunset, and the sound of slow wind in the pine trees. It feels just like going to the beach… in Segovia.

In The Middle of Nowhere

In the Middle of Nowhere

The playlist in my headphones has long ended. I slowly float back from the blurry trance I was in. Traveling by bus or train always get me into that state, for some reason. I look out the window. It’s pitch black. Nothing but the road, and the moon in the distance. I notice the bus slowing down and taking a detour. Eventually, it stops by a gas station. Break time.

Exploring by Watching

On being an explorer

“As an explorer, your body needs to be ready.” Crouching in the edge of a vast crop field, I write this quote in my field notebook as I struggle to catch my breath. I just had the brilliant idea of running down the valley and up again to the other side. But I can’t completely stop yet, or I’m going to miss the sunset. To my left, crowning a little