About Me


My name is Esaú Gozalo. Online, you can find me under my alias, Egozalor.

I’m a digital polymath and aspiring creative strategist. Curious and autodidact by nature, I am passionate about exploring, observing and listening. For me, there is nothing more important than understanding the world, the people, and the systems around us – only then we are able to craft meaningful messages and stories.

Currently finishing the senior year of my Bachelor in Communications and Digital Media at IE University in Spain, I count on three years of experience working in a multidisciplinary environment. From design to filmmaking, from marketing to events creation, I aim to identify the purpose of a project to develop compelling media pieces. I believe that today’s rich diversity of multimedia formats, enabled by modern production efforts, holds an immense potential to uncover those narratives still waiting to be told.

The possibilities are greater than ever.

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Egozalor's Pet Animation III